Brent Everett Video – Hot and Horny

Well we promised you a Brent Everett video a few updates ago and we came back today do deliver it. This time the hot and horny Brent has another session just like Bryce solo scene featuring him and one of his buddies. Again he was feeling very lonely and bored, so he picked up the phone once again. A few minutes later he had already set a nice little fuck meet over at a buddy’s house. The guy in question couldn’t leave his home since he was expecting a delivery, so BrentEverett had to make his way to his place if he wanted to get some today.

After he settles the details with his buddy Brent gets in his car and heads straight to his buddy’s place without any more delays. HE’s eager to get some cock today and that’s the most important thing. So once he reaches his buddy’s place he already got the package so he can lock the door behind them now so they won’t be disturbed. Watch as Brent and his buddy have sex all around the place, and you’ll also get to see them suck on one another’s cocks for your enjoyment. Also check out the past updates as well. You wont be disappointed.

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Brent Everett Gallery

This week we have a surprise for you guys with this Brent Everett gallery guys. And the catch is that this isn’t just a gallery per say. It’s a collection full of Brent’s sex adventures that we split into four big chunks for you to have a easier time understanding what’s going on. The chucks themselves are each a very hot scene of the stud getting fucked by ten inch of cock or fucking some asses. So let’s not waste any more time and watch what this update contains. Starting off with our first scene we have Brent and a buddy having a nice outdoor fuck.

And it seems that BrentEverett is the one doing the thorough dicking on that tight and cock hungry ass. For the second scene we have Brent and a buddy of his engaging in their little jerking off contest. Watch it and see who took the prize in the end, and also see them covered in their own jizz. The third  and fourth one have Brent acting like the boss of his own firm where he gets to do what ever he damn well pleases. And he wants to jerk off on his big cock just for tour viewing pleasure. Enjoy this mega gallery update guys!

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See horny Brent fucking and sucking all over the place!

Brent Everett Gay Fuck

Another Brent Everett gay picture gallery is here for you to enjoy today guys. Brent went out of his way to get another stud to fuck with tonight and you’ll get to see every juicy detail of the whole fuck fest for two that went down in the evening. Once again he resorted to his favorite hunting grounds for fresh cock, and that’s his favorite club. Well he came across Mike here. Mike is a very cock hungry stud and he doesn’t care what end he’s in when having hard core gay sex. HE just needs to fuck fast and hard with a hot stud.

Lucky for him BrentEverett was on the job and he didn’t have too much work to do in order to pick him up. Once they settled the whole deal with the sex session they decided to go back to Brent’s place to consume their meeting. And once at his place Mike does away pretty fast with Brent’s clothes to reveal his mighty cock. Then he kneels down and starts to suck on Bret’s cock with a passion as you’ll see in a few moments. Watch this horny stud taking a balls deep cock in the ass and see him enjoying every moment of it. If you liked this update and you’re looking for similar content, check out blog and have a great time watching other super hot gay hunks fucking! Bye!


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Brent Everett Porno Shower

Hey there once again guys, we have one more Brent Everett porn update to show off today. This time the scene seems to repeat itself as the horny guy decided to do another shower themed porn shoot. You guys sure loved him showing off his muscled body as the water was dripping on his sexy body and you know he’s here to cater to your desires. This horny gay was actually shooting for an upcoming video that we’ll show of him here, but he found a bit if time to do this extra solo session for your enjoyment today guys. So without further due, let’s see him go at it.

As the cameras start rolling BrentEverett gets under the shower and turns on the hot water that starts to pour on his sexy body. You just have to see him do one amazing job of posing around and showing off his manly goods just for you today. And as you can imagine it didn’t take long for this stud to be turned on, so he then starts to masturbate. His cock was getting bigger and harder and it was just begging to be stoked. Watch him jerking off fast and hard under the flowing water and enjoy guys. See you next week with more fresh content!


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Outdoor Jerking

Today was a very hot day and since he had nothing better to do Brent Everett decided it was time for another solo session because just like hot Alain Lamas he loves jerking off his big tool. So he chose a perfect spot for him to do a little bit of exhibitionism. He went straight for the balcony and once there he was planning to show off his jerking skills while the cameras were capturing him from every angle. This whole thing started with him thinking that it’s so damn hot outside that he can simply go out naked and he didn’t think that even that would be comfortable giving the heat outside.

So with that in mind the naughty BrentEverett came up with another idea. Since he was free for the whole afternoon and didn’t have anything to do, he’d just go for a solo shoot outside to entertain himself and ultimately you. Watch him as he undresses to reveal his muscled body and then see him starting to gently stroke his cock on the balcony. See him masturbating furiously for your viewing pleasure in this little update that he had ready for you today. Like always enjoy guys and please come back next week for more of him!


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Horny Hunks

This week Brent Everett has another dude keeping him company through the night. This update features the super hot gay porn star engaging in another sex session with a random lucky guy that he got to pick up the previous evening. Brent went to the club again and he lucked out when he got his dirty little hands on another dude that’s just as sex hungry as he is. So once they returned back to his place it was time for them to engage in some steaming hot gay sex full of man on man action for your viewing pleasure today.

When the horny BrentEverett enters the house with his “fresh meat” for the night he locks the door behind them so that they won’t be disturbed through the night tonight. And you just have to see these two very horny hunks spending the whole night fucking one another’s tight asses. They kept this up until they were too tired and fell asleep. But that’s not all as in the morning they continued with a little jerk off contest. Enjoy this unique update and if you liked it maybe you wanna take a look at another hot gays fucking so check out blog and enjoy!


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Brent Everett Exposed

Another fresh week and time for one more Brent Everett update today.  This time the horny hunk decided to do a solo session to show off his manly goods for everyone to see. He listened to your feed back regarding the first update you saw of him when he posed solo in the shower and since you guys just loved that he wanted to do one more solo appearance to cater to your need to watch his incredible body. So this week, sit back and watch him as he undresses from his clothes to put on quite the sensual strip show for you guys.

BrentEverett takes things slow in the beginning of the scene, teasing you bit by bit by removing item of clothing after item of clothing revealing his shredded body full of muscles today. He then proceeds to take off his pants to reveal that big and eager cock that’s just waiting for a opportunity to get to penetrate some lucky tight ass the first occasion it gets. So without further due, sit back and enjoy everyone, watch Brent showing off his big cock for you today and stay tuned for the next updates from this hot hunk. We’ll see you again with more next week! If you wanna see other super hot guy exposing his perfect body check out horny Peter ! Until next time, friends! Bye!


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Brent Everett – Hardcore Hammering

Hey there once again guys, Brent Everett returns once more today with another sweet update. This time we have Brent and another one of his fuck buddies spending the afternoon engaging in some hard core anal sex for your viewing pleasure. Brent was feeling rather lonely and bored this afternoon. So he decided that to pass the time he’d have to get help from one of his buddies. So he picked up the phone and placed a call to one of his friends with benefits. Suffice to say that the guy he called is always eager to have sex just like the guys from nextdoormale videos and he’s always available.

Why did you think that BrentEverett chose to call him first? Well when he heard that Brent was is serious need of a ass to fuck or a cock to suck he agreed on the spot and just grabbed his car keys, bolting towards Brent’s residence with all haste. Once there Brent greets his old buddy and invites him in. AS soon as they enter the house Brent gets undressed by his friend and then he’s getting a offer to suck that big cock of his buddy’s. Then the horny Brent bends over to take a deep and hard doggie style fucking in the ass. Enjoy everyone!


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Anal Destruction

Today Brent Everett has another amazing picture gallery for you to feast your eyes upon. The horny hunk has sure been busy lately, and he seems to have gained a new favorite hobby. It involves him going down to the clubs downtown and picking up random guys from his bfcollection which he then takes back home to his place to fuck with. Tonight your favorite gay porn star seems to have lucked out as he got himself a very cock hungry guy that was all ready to take some hard BrentEverett cock up his tight and naughty little ass tonight. Let’s see them fuck tonight everyone.

As Brent made his way to the guy in the club he stroke up a conversation and spent some time chatting with the guy, in the hopes of evaluating his interest. Sure enough the guy was interested in spending the whole night fucking and with that the two hunks were on their way back to Brent’s apartment. Once there they make quick work of each other’s clothes and they get all naked. The guy starts to suck Brent’s cock with a passion and then offers up his tight ass for a balls deep and thorough anal pounding. Enjoy everyone and see you next week!


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Brent Everett – Threesome

Hey there guys, Brent Everett returns today with another amazing gallery featuring one incredible and hot threesome with him and two of his best buddies. They know that Brent always throws the best sex parties and they intend to pay him a visit once again today to enjoy his trademark fuck fests so have a great time watching this horny studs fucking! As the evening swings around it’s time for the guests to arrive and Brent gets himself ready to welcome them to his humble abode. And as soon as they enter the door the guy is all smiles and welcoming towards his best friends.

BrentEverett and his buddies spend some time chatting and laughing at al kinds of things before they get into that hot threesome they are all looking forward to. Soon the spirits run high and they all start to feel really horny. Before you know it all of them are naked and sucking on one another’s fat cocks. Then they take positions and decide who’s going to be on the receiving end in tonight’s little fuck party. Enjoy watching this horny guys fucking each other in the ass guys. Come back next week for more fresh content. Bye!



Check out Brent fucking and sucking all over the place!